fleet-footed and profound

A six days' pilgrimage through forests, along rivers and

small villages. The HappyWiseWay is a 125 kilometer contemporary

pilgrimage in the province of Utrecht, the Netherlands. An inspiring

route, where one can increase happiness for oneself and

others, by sharing and receiving.

day to day

6 unique elements

In the Pilgrims' Package you will find a  tin Happiness Coin which you can give away at a suitable moment, and two postcards with Happiness Stamps which you can send to someone who you want to encourage.

At several points, the pilgrim can wander around besides the route to find Wandering Happiness: beautiful places you should see!

On the HappyWiseWay pilgrims can offer one or two hours of volunteering work, in exchange for a cup of tea or coffee. And a bit of company.

On special places, Share Points Moments of Happiness, writing books can be found, to share stories about beautiful moments.

At several points pilgrims can receive a Happy Guide. This is an ethical question bound to the landscape that stimulates the pilgrim's imagination.

At the end of the day, the pilgrim can Seize Happiness. The opportunity is offered to join a yoga class or a tai chi class to relax the body.

For eating and sleeping, special social places are available, like Resto Van Harte


the Pilgrim's Package

For 27,50 euro's you can start your pilgrimage well prepared. You not only get the route description and your own pilgrim's passport, but some special happiness objects as well. If you want to be fully complete, download the app! If you need help, please email help@gelukkigerwijspad.nl . Please note that at the moment the package is available in Dutch only.


Pay it Forward

Perhaps not everyone can afford the pilgrima's package. Therefore, on every 20 sold packages we will distribute one for free.  Just to surprise someone. Do you know someone? Please send an e-mail to idee@gelukkigerwijspad.nl .


Do you want to contribute to'pay it forward', please consider a donation.

The Route Guide

The package contains:

2 Postcards with Happystamp

1x HappyCoin

1x Pilgrim’s Passport

1x Map ‘On the way to Happiness’

You will get a book with detailed maps of the route: The Route Guide. The Guide offers a simple hand book about How to be a pilgrim.

Write an ode to a friend. Use your pigrimage to dwell on someone you want to celebrate or encourage. Write down your appreciation for him or her, and the route will bring you along a post box.

A specially cast, tin Happiness Coin to give away to someone who may need some luck. On your way, of after finishing your pilgrimage.

In the pilgim’s packet you find the  Happiness Map ‘On the way to Happiness’ A map depicting all kinds of ingredients for a happy life.  The HappyGuides   you can get on the route all refer in their own way to cities and counties on the map. Of course you can draw a route to happiness for yourself or together.


During the route you collect marks of the places you visit. The passport is a souvenir of your pilgrimage and offers entrance to Seizing Happiness.

1x biologically degradable trash bag

This trash bag (42 x 42 cm) is made of Mater-Bi, a bio plastic made of non modified starch. Mater-Bi is biologically degradable in compost, soil, sweet and salt water. It is certified by OK compost. Use this bag to collect litter. In the app you will find all locations of trash bins, so you do not have to take the litter along all the route.

Still under construction… first the app for iPhone will be developed, later an Android version will follow.


Until that moment, the GPS is availabe on request via app@gelukkigerwijspad.nl

Core Values




Go your own way..

...Together with others…

… In society.

Follow your own rhythm. On the HappyWiseWay, (re-)finding your own rhythm is the main concern. Not the scheme or the planning telling you what to do, but your level of energy, enthusiasm or wants at the moment of your pilgrimage. The day itself determines what you will do, how far you will walk, where you will sleep. Being able to act according to your own rhythm is the art of being a Life Artist.


Embrace simplicity. Allow yourself to reflect on your real needs at a moment that suits you. Material, emotional and spiritual needs. What will you eat and drink on the way? What sorrow do you carry along? What hope do you cherish? Are you connected? Let every day hectic outside of the HappyWiseWay. Turn you telephone to air plane mode, or turn off the sound. Do not read news for a week. Do not check your e-mail and turn on your absence assistant.

Enter into contact. A pilgrimage is a journey into your inner world. After finding your own rhythm and embracing simplicity, you open the door to a wholehearted encounter with other people. They can be fellow pilgrims, but also citizens in the villages you wander through, or hosts and hostesses in whose houses you eat, drink or sleep. Give them your smile, a compliment or a warm word. Leave a trace of friendliness. You might have small presents to give. And remember: happiness grows when shared!


Offer trust.  You are dependent on others at all levels. And others depend on you. Everyone plays a role in this mutual dependence. The idea to have to be fully independent and autonomous is a mistake. A pilgrims realizes this fully in his or her position as a guest and a stranger. Trust is the fundament to help each other. .

Leave the world a better place. As a pilgrim, you wander through the landscape and throug villages. Make it your goal to leave the places where you have been more beautiful than they were. You can do this simply by showing that you found your rhythm, by spreading friendliness, and by giving trust. And you can do this by donating time and effort in volunteering work and by collecting litter.

Inspired by

A word of thanks…

Help building ...

The HappyWiseWay can only exist by the help and wisdom of many people. The route will be a succes by the pilgrims walking and the hosts and hostesses receiving the pilgrims. We are very happy tob e able to thank so many people. Take a look at our Wall of Thanks. Do you want to support the HappyWiseWay? Check what you can do here.



The HappyWiseWay can be developed and extended with your help. Join us or donate.



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